Friday, March 23, 2012

Dealing With Difficult People

Why does God put really challenging people in our lives?
People that make it hard to have nice loving thoughts
and actions with. People that are impossible.
I work with someone like this.
It has been an extreme struggle
throughout the years.
With no end, no lessons in sight.
Just constant challenges and aggravation.
I think this person has a very serious
mental condition.
It is the only explanation,
yet she has no sense of self
reflection or awareness.
She seems to think she can treat
people however she wants
and then is surprised when in her words
"she thought they were like her family,
or her friend" when they won't
talk to her or have anything to
do with her anymore.
It blows my mind.
At times it makes my life a living hell.
And when I begin to act how I really
feel, she constantly asks me whats wrong.
If I made something up, or told her
anything personal,
it would be talked about
to everyone else here.
So she will speculate something
insane, paranoid
and tell everyone that.
She comes into my office to gossip
and talk shit about people.
I won't bite. I don't play.
She is dangerous.
Mindlessly dangerous.
And no one will do anything about it.
I burst into tears last week over it
to my boss, not meaning to.
I just couldn't take it anymore.
Why does God put these challenges
in our lives? That make us have bad
thoughts?  I have tried everything
to deal with this, to try to make it better,
short of telling he how I feel,
which is,
I don't really care about the list you made
of what your family is going to eat for
dinner this week,
especially not after you are fucking
me over with your constant challenges.
I am not your friend, I don't like you
I can't stand you.
Don't come in and talk to me.
It's obviously making me crazy.


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