Monday, April 16, 2012

Gratitude List

I have been kind of whiny and complainy lately.  I feel like just when I decide to change my attitude and really make the most of everything, something else goes amiss. I wonder what I am doing wrong,  Yesterday I decided to change my luck and start my day over.  It's the pain that I am seeing through the last few weeks that makes me feel that everything I touch turns to shit.  So I also remember to be grateful, as I looked at my bed this morning, that was oh so cozy and comfortable last night, with two comforters it was very warm.

I am grateful

to have such a nice bed that my father crafted with his own two hands, and for his help with the mattresses.

that I have a car, there was a brief time that I wonder how I would ever get another one

that I have a job and income, there was a time I did not

that I have a family that loves me and is teaching me that
love and kindness can come without strings or expectations. I'm learning.

that I have been given a nice place to stay
with beautiful trees and a forest
right outside the window
as I read I look out
and sigh of happiness.
It's quiet and that
is good

There was a time in my life,
I slept in my car. I did not
have a bed, a home,
I had removed myself
from my family.
Even though that time was brief
I think of it
as I settle into this transition place
and look upon my bed
and remember a time
when I really had nothing
at all.

I will look back on this time
as a moment
that I made it through
and did not let silly things
decide my path for me
I will be even more grateful
for the things that I have
and learn to relish
and cherish them
I will know that
I can make it through anything
I am making it through anything
some of it, may be some grand cosmic purpose
with a plan
some of it, may just be life
the wheel
sharpens my saw


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