Thursday, December 20, 2012

Granted the world does not end tomorrow,
I have decided on some changes for 2013.
(I keep telling myself I don’t have time for
the end of the world, I’m too busy trying to
prepare for the holidays and dealing with
everything else = )

The first change I made was to change my
religion on Facebook from Christian
to All Loving Universal God.
I am standing up for my beliefs,
this is who I am.
Jesus isn’t that guy in the paintings to me,
the religious icon that will decide who
gets a pass and who gets- a fail.
He’s a guide, an intercessor when asked,
a loving presence to get us through all this shit.
God is something bigger than we can understand
but I believe he is there, constantly, everywhere,
even for those who don’t believe in him, and if
someone chooses to not believe in him, I respect
I have also put in a request to join a closed group
on Facebook of INFP’s. As I looked at all the faces
of the members on the page, I saw my people.

It’s time to start even more so living on the outside
who I am on the inside.

I’m excited about these changes, but also worry
if I am going too far. If I will alienate myself.
If I will hurt people I have loved and been friends
with for so long. But I cannot live like this anymore,
I must fully express who I am in the world.
Why would I ever do otherwise?


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