Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Actress

Set Scene:
Here we have a dimly lit booth

With chair in a marble setting.

Enter actress, queue spotlight

Upon seat, head down.


The actress in a lesser role.

Starving artist

Starving from the soul.


She forgets her lines

The audience waits in silence

Pensive silence.

She forgets her lines

Not because she is a drunk

This time

But because sometimes

Those with complex minds

Have difficulties

Doing the simplest things.


Behind stage one night

She cries

The director asks what is the matter

She says that in all this time she has

Never so badly wanted a drink

“Why?” he yells

“What would that solve, why do you

Want to drink again?!”

“Because I’m an alcoholic” she screams.


There is no drink that night

Just sullen silence.


She gets into costume the next day

The scene is set again.

Booth, soft lights, marble, fellow actors

And actresses entering

And exiting stage

The audience watching


Yet no one knows, this is not

The play itself

This is not the grand role

She was meant to play

This….is a dress rehearsal

If only the critics understood that

As they give their reviews


No one knows what goes on

Behind the scenes

No one understands

The true character

Of the actress






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