Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Now is the time to snuggle in,

sink in deep,

in the fluffy ocean of blankets.

The darkness comes earlier,

and that means so too does the light.

Contentment is the greatest prized possesion,

saught after by all the world.

His hands with holes in them offers it to me,

little by little everyday,

as a revelation,

as an I'm so sorry,

As an, I never payed you for this,

please, let me pay you now,

with interest.

Seeing the vulnerable beauty in you,

and you, and loving it,

oh loving it as it has never been loved before.

Snuggle in your beds, nestle on your couches,

and let go to the smokiness,

the coldness, the warmths, the baking,

the love, and the guy with the holes in his hands,

that offers something so good.

-Jenny Miller