Tuesday, October 1, 2013

None of us likes change, do we?
No matter how uncomfortable we are
in our current situation, the prospect of
change is feared as even more uncomfortable,
and unknown and a new discomfort.
We might be forced to suffer a temporary
upheaval of our beliefs, our routines
what we know as familiar and what
we know we can expect everyday.

Against the current popular voice,
even against my past beliefs,
I will say that I believe that what we
are going through is a paradigm shift
as a country. I have always felt
we worked too many hours, we have a
skewed idea of what is really important
in life.

I have read in many books about this moment,
that the old energy will die, but it will go
kicking and screaming. And it is going
kicking and screaming along with the rest of us.

Will we loose our jobs? Will our hours get cut?
Will we end up going through a dark period
of the unknown? Temporary struggle and
doing without some luxuries, maybe even
some necessities, to come out into a new world
that is governed by a new energy that no longer
caters to the few, but to the many?

We will see. But I really do believe this
is a paradigm shift, and it’s time for
the wrinkly old rich men who are greedy
and self serving to move out of the house,
and for the next generation who care
about the good of the whole
to move in.
And we all know....moving sucks.
But do we really want to stay
in the house we have been
living in forever?