Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I talk in my sleep at night
I do not remember what I say
it has something to do
with viewing a storm
on Jupiter up close
with a companion planet
while proclaiming
out loud
how wonderful it would be
to see the planets and stars
even closer
I hear my own voice
as if it were someone else's
but I do not know
what I say


January's Journey

Since setting out on January's Journey
I have known doubt
of all things once beleived
doubted God
began to hate that
which was once loved
began to love that
which was once hated
the greatest gift of all
on this journey begun
in a January
is the lack
of any regret


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Manic Thoughts

the void was deep
like a sheet
between two worlds
that sank with the weight
of emptiness
in the middle
darkness floating
awakened to find
there is nothing there
or perhaps
the end had not been reached

could have been an enlightened yogi
my friend
instead of an angry bastard
could have been sitting up there
on your box
legs crossed
with peace and craziness
in your eyes

you sit up there
with anger
and craziness

so sad