Sunday, April 30, 2017

It’s like climbing a sheer rock cliff.

Sometimes there is a place to stick

The tips of my toes, no matter

How small, to hoist myself up just

A little farther to the top.


Sometimes there is absolutey

No..fucking…hole or crevice.

I stay stranded there in my gear

Ropes still, not knowing what

To do.


Repel down and start again?

Stay suspended, paralyzed,



And what is at the top anyways?

Why am I climbing this cliff in

The first place?


Perhaps there is no small crevice

Or hole, because humans were

Not meant to climb cliffs anyways.


Time to repel down, give up the futility

Drop my gear, change my clothes

and walk away?

Saturday, February 25, 2017


Come as you are

Fat, skinny

Happy, depressed

Rich, poor

Drunk, sober

Sick, healthy


Just come.

You are invited

To life


To live YOUR life as

YOU see fit


Show up empty handed

Nothing required of you


To be here, at eternity o’clock


You will be welcomed with open arms

By the seen and the unseen