Tuesday, October 1, 2013

None of us likes change, do we?
No matter how uncomfortable we are
in our current situation, the prospect of
change is feared as even more uncomfortable,
and unknown and a new discomfort.
We might be forced to suffer a temporary
upheaval of our beliefs, our routines
what we know as familiar and what
we know we can expect everyday.

Against the current popular voice,
even against my past beliefs,
I will say that I believe that what we
are going through is a paradigm shift
as a country. I have always felt
we worked too many hours, we have a
skewed idea of what is really important
in life.

I have read in many books about this moment,
that the old energy will die, but it will go
kicking and screaming. And it is going
kicking and screaming along with the rest of us.

Will we loose our jobs? Will our hours get cut?
Will we end up going through a dark period
of the unknown? Temporary struggle and
doing without some luxuries, maybe even
some necessities, to come out into a new world
that is governed by a new energy that no longer
caters to the few, but to the many?

We will see. But I really do believe this
is a paradigm shift, and it’s time for
the wrinkly old rich men who are greedy
and self serving to move out of the house,
and for the next generation who care
about the good of the whole
to move in.
And we all know....moving sucks.
But do we really want to stay
in the house we have been
living in forever?


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

dear God,
Can I just rest here a while
do you want me here? I ask
Am I uncomfortable with making change
because it’s not time?
My life is peaceful
has a soft rhythm
a home filled with love
I still look at him after all this time
and wonder how
in the turmoil that was my life then
did I meet him
he is good to me.
My family surrounding
in familiarity
and comfort
staying up late to read oh so good books
night time showers
crawling into bed clean
waking to coffee and cats
work won with well deserved rest
rest won with work
today I have some semblance of peace
because that’s just what that is
it’s today, not yesterday, not tomorrow
today that I have all this
Can I just rest here for a while?
Would that be ok?


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Earth From Far Away

are we so small to you
just a brilliant blue star
you have always wondered about
our civilization
a mystery
just a blue shining star
you have always wondered about
and here we are
all of our trials
dissolved away
in your eyes
as we are here
on this beautiful
bright star
you have always
wondered about


Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Fox With The Candy Heart

there once was a fox with a candy heart
she loved trotting through the forest
and making art

long ago in a darkened land
she was hunted by
evil man
she ran, she scurried
her heart pounding in fear
the hounds released
she felt death was near

curled beneath
a twisted oak
they devoured her candy heart
that loved the most

so left with her little fox self
she was
to create a new heart
out of branches and mud

but soon she added glitter
and ribbons and such
turning her heart sweet
and soft to the touch

If someone eats your candy heart
do not allow an emptiness to start
make anew out of beauty and art
so says the fox, with the Candy Heart.


Friday, May 31, 2013

she has another one that’s an angel now
a long time ago, it started with one friend
who was sick and saw a vision
before she went
they need her & she needs them,
before they die.
There always seems to be, in the
months leading up to their deaths
special moments of realizations
walking in gardens,
and she shares with us
the stories of the lessens they
finally understand
before they go home.
She helps them with it.
It’s a hard and sacred job,
I see.


Wednesday, May 29, 2013


when I was a little girl
I would go in the back yard
with a hammer and a chisel
to the small rock pile
under the peach tree
and try to break open rocks
with the hopes of finding a Geode

I never found one
but the excitement
and happiness
of the treasure hunt
were all that mattered


Thursday, May 16, 2013

there is a burning in my body
in my belly
in my bones
there is weakness
I want to cry
I push on
I want....
To go to bed
and stay there for a while
I want to feel well again
I am tired of this.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Somewhere In The Future....

May 8th, 4013

Today a team of archeologists in the seaside town of California uncovered what appears to be the Temple of The Golden Arches, thought until now to be only a legend. Beneath the two huge yellow arches were perfectly preserved fragments of food from that period that appear to be a type of bovine between two pieces of bread, and several round, crusted pieces of some type of fowl.

Several statues were also unearthed, including one believed to be a depiction of the god that the Temple of The Golden Arches was built in honor of. The stature is of a figure wearing a yellow stripped suit, with painted face and bright red hair, an inscription reads "Ronald McDonald". In ancient America, Ronald McDonald was the god of humor, and worshipers often prayed to him to make their meals happy.

~Jennifer Miller
there are many of us
who can’t quite decide
who we would like to play
in this life

the wise sage?
Meditating in nature, always
with friendly, welcoming, serene
smile across our face?

the artist, painting,
sculpting, perhaps
sitting in Parisian cafe’s
drinking small drinks
of spirits or coffee?

the wild, carefree rebel
living with reckless abandon
to party late into the night
pushing the limit against
life, against the world
regardless of any cost
a bright loud bottle rocket
that streaks across life
in one full brilliant amazing
explosion that if you look away
from for only a minute you may

the writer, who would
be published, if only
she submitted her tickets
to the booth for the ride.
I don’t even feel like writing


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Somewhere In The Future

April 17, 4014

In an archeological dig today several ancient symbols painted on stone were uncovered.

Scholars believe that this symbol depicts man in the seat of the Universe. Those who bore this symbol were considered to be highly advanced and were greatly honored by the ancient civilization.


Friday, March 22, 2013

I cannot tell you
the level of self~respect
the peace & calm
that discernment

and I cannot tell you
the level of freedom
& satisfaction that
speaking your mind brings
when you learn the art
of discernment
90% of the time.


Friday, March 8, 2013

if humankind
in general
could cease
at ____
once each man
as we all do
to find awareness
to stay in that
in-between moment
afraid, even
we would all be
better off


Monday, March 4, 2013

you see a cat
I see love

you hear a purr
I hear
a metronome
keeping time
to the beating
of a heart
lulling you into
and a feeling
that all is right with the world


Monday, February 4, 2013

dear self,
I release you for all you are not
all you feel you have to be
that image you feel needs
to be displayed to invoke
a certain opinion of you
or certain thoughts of you
I release you from every false
feeling, thought, pressure
I release you from needing the
acceptance of others
(but it is ok to want it,
just don’t need it)
I release you from all this
so you can get on with the life
you really want to live
so you can be relaxed, and real
in all situations
so you can stop wasting time
on silly things,
and follow your dreams.