Sunday, November 15, 2015

You take your chances

You roll the dice

You might win…for now

You might lose.


If you lose,

What’s your next game?

What are your odds?

Even if they’re against you,

You still play the game,

If you have that itch,

That twitch, that feeling

To bet on horse number two.


This is life.

You have to keep betting

You have to keep playing

You have to keep planning

Your way out.

Because what’s the alternative?

The alternative is to do nothing.

And you can die a slow painful

Inner death doing nothing.


So you lost this one.

That’s ok.

You’ve lost for years now.

Winning streaks don’t last forever,

Neither do loosing.


There’s another game on the horizon

If you look for it.

You’ll live through it to roll

Your dice another day.


Maybe, just maybe one of these days,

…… snake eyes.