Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Purging

If I look back I see
the purging of my body
it's taken a long time it seems
I quit drinking over a year
and a half ago.
If I look at pictures of myself
during that first year
I still look like I am struggling
to release the toxins
I look better in them
but I remember
I felt kind of sick
off and on still
Now I'm in a place
where I feel it is done
and my body has started
to create new cells
started to create a new me.
It is an amazing process
to behold and feel.
It is more amazing
how long it can take.

Even more amazing
is the purging of my brain
my spirit
my life.
A lot of negative thoughts
and beliefs have been purged too.
And I see them beginning to be
replaced by new thoughts
and beliefs.
Just like my body had to purge
the toxins
before it could begin creating new cells,
so did my mind and spirit have to purge
to take on a new life.

I am more readily able
to take a non-biased look at things.
I am more apt to choose to respond
with love and compassion
rather than anger and hate
even if anger and hate may be
my initial emotions,
they are often quickly replaced
with a genuine compassion
for others suffering.
After all, that is why
we are all assholes sometimes,
it's because in some way or another
we are all suffering.


Friday, June 22, 2012

Just Write Anything

It’s hot today
driving everybody’s
on everybody’s
else’s ass
in each others lanes
I got my new CD
in the mail today
all the way from China
after hearing it
in a Thai restaurant
with you
sipping Curry
feeling beautiful
the music
is beautiful
and warm
just the thing
to go about my business

Monday, June 4, 2012

ah what life has thrown our way
times march
clocks tick
keep wolves at bay
for only so long
fellows lives
turn out strange
fellows lives
still lived in vain
your life different
now and then
not predicted
not allotted
just is
floating out there
somewhere in space
neither good or bad
it just is
I see the sadness
in their eyes
to replace
my ancient hate
and I see a glimmer
in their eyes
that shows the
potential path
of the hero
the potential
of a soul
who has or can
even if for a moment
the age old
ancient purpose
of earth