Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Every once in a while
I see one of my people
It is not often
because we are in hiding
hiding from the world

Like this morning
pulling out of the gate
on my way to work
I saw a little red headed
his face mostly covered
by his hoody
as he fought the wind
while walking his dog

Just a glimpse
of his elf face
sparse red beard
shy eyes

I could just tell
he was one of us
and it made me
not feel so alone
it made me feel


Thursday, April 24, 2014

I am sorry
things turned out this way

I read your stories
the ones you wrote in school
you’ve been to the North Pole,
Mars, and even other dimensions

Your heart filled with wonder
& hope.

But I must now tell you
a secret
a terrible secret

Life.....eats childrens souls

It chews on the hope found
in your bone marrow
it slurps the stars & galaxys
that float around in your blood
& then it devours
your child soul
& cleans its teeth
with your little rib

So you are left with
an adult soul 
& we all know
that adult souls
are defective

Adult souls
are filled with fear
of things sillier
than boogy men
under the bed

 Adult souls
are slaves


Monday, April 21, 2014

I am thinking of deleting
of the philosophy books
I have on my kindle
of the positive thought books
along with ALL of the books
on spirituality, self help,
and how to thoroughly
mind fuck yourself until you
are so wrapped up and miserable
by trying to find out reasons and
solutions to things
that you forget the value
of ignorant bliss and just try
to be happy where and when you can
and to quote a friend, who when years ago
I was drunk and crying about how miserable
I was, told me to "just be happy and try to
enjoy your fucking life"
Perhaps the wisest words ever spoken.

Maybe life just is
and while I am trying to figure
it out, life itself may be
passing me by.

Has anyone ever dissected a flower
to find out what makes it beautiful?

Has anyone ever performed open heart surgery
to find out what love looks like?

Has anyone ever captured tears to find out
where they come from?

Probably not.
The experiment begins.

I will be reading stories, novels.
I will be going places,
to look at flowers and enjoy
their beauty,
I will find moments of Love,
and embrace them.
I will sometimes cry,
and not worry about it.

Adieu Plato, Socrates, Hermes,
Gurus, teachers, self help books.
Bye Bye.


Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Jack teaches to choose your words carefully
to pick out each one
beautiful open mind thoughts
catch each one carefully
as they flutter by
like butterflies
only certain ones
go together

and Jack teaches
have only true thoughts
true thoughts
are not judged
they are just thought
and its ok
because you can’t help it

No pretending
while you carefully
wade into the stream of conscious thought
while once thought haphazardly
writting down
from mind to hand to pen to paper
carefully let out
like water through the hose
so you don’t just end up
getting everything all ruined and wet
only water what needs to be said.

Jack teaches this
as in his ma’s house
he carefully mulled over
his words
his stories
his books
so sure that they would be
so sure they were what people needed
and we did need them
so desperately

“Everything is always alright, all the time”

Jack teaches.


North Carolina

It would storm in the afternoon
in North Carolina
Right after you stood at the end
of the dirt driveway
looking towards the horizon
guessing what color of car
would come over the hill next
testing your psychic powers
like a baby snake
tests its venom
and after
the sunny sky would darken
as you all stood there
in the outside summer sauna
sweat dripping off your bodies
clinging to your shirts
so you would have to change them
to fresh clean dry new ones
crisp ones
only to get drenched again
under the southern sky
in the land of your forefathers
whose shirts got drenched before you
in the fields
in the farmhouses
where there was fresh milk
and breakfasts, and suppers
with whole families after a hard
day of work
only to awaken the next morning and
do it all again

Yes, the sky would darken
and it was welcomed
though the damp and heat would remain
there in the rain
it was a comfort to see the storm move in
the black chasing the blue out of the sky
like a wave

and you would all go inside
and sit together on the davenport
talking, sewing
just being together
until the storm ended
and it was time
for supper.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

As the clouds darken
with the beautiful green leaves
blowing, billowing in the wind
carry me home perhaps
beyond the storm.