Thursday, December 12, 2013

Honoring Her Story

I have this Grandmother,
who is a bit crazy
and she drives people
a bit crazy
but upon seeking a more
compassionate life
I have come to see
she has a story
and in this story
she is actually a hero

She grew up during the depression
to a crazy alcoholic father
suffering the after affects of
World War I
with a mother married
to an alcoholic man

There is no telling
what went on in that home

I am convinced that my Grandmother
was born mentally defective
so for a person born with that challenge
in the first place
the things that befell her
would be difficult
even for a mentally healthy person

She went from this alcoholic home
to marry an alcoholic husband

She lost 3 babies, one of them stillborn
Her mother had a stroke
Her sisters, mother, and father died before her
she is the only one left

then my Grandfather who got sober later in life
who she loved, died before her

yet through her mental handicaps
she still functions,
even if on a
mentally challenged level
that has a tendency to test patience
she still loves

But she is a hero
even the strongest
with her life stories
would surely have
lost their marbles by now

She is a hero
and when it is her time
I shall be happy for her
that she will get to go home
to God and my Grandpa
and see everyone who left
before her.

And she can be done then.
Because she did lots and lots
of hard stuff in this life.