Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Inching towards Fall

it's going to get dark sooner again.that's good.the warm crafts will come out in the cold weather. that is good. smokey air will fill our nostrils. cat's will cuddle. life will feel rich and full again.



Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Yes, Fall is my favorite month. Love the cool dryer air.

Take care and enjoy the season,

Christopher Dos Santos said...

What! we have not had summer yet, only 3 days over 20 degrees and 9 days of sunshine. We are calling it "sumweek" and it's over. We did however manage to capture over 100 days of rain this summer.

In Lak' ech, where records are made....

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the visits.

Dear Christopher~do you want to trade = ) I love cold rainy weather, though I'm sure that that would get to be too much after a while too. Blessings, have a great week.