Friday, January 20, 2012

Random Thoughts

Weight gain
what the fuck?
Why? Who?
Where? What?

Too many W’s
I would like to forget
it all
and go hiking today
up mountains
across streams and valleys
singing in my heart
clearing out my mind
reminding me of
what is really Important
reminding me
that I am a super
warrior princess
and don’t worry
about those silly things

give me some boots
give me a back pack
give me a sense of purpose
to climb a mountain
if I cannot do it figuratively
in my life
then I will do it



Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Sounds like a good idea to me Jennifer. I certainly find the forest a good head clearer.

Best wishes on you wanderings,

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the visit Mike. Unfortunately it's raining here, so I might have to settle for a walk with an umbrella~take care.