Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Somewhere In The Future....

May 8th, 4013

Today a team of archeologists in the seaside town of California uncovered what appears to be the Temple of The Golden Arches, thought until now to be only a legend. Beneath the two huge yellow arches were perfectly preserved fragments of food from that period that appear to be a type of bovine between two pieces of bread, and several round, crusted pieces of some type of fowl.

Several statues were also unearthed, including one believed to be a depiction of the god that the Temple of The Golden Arches was built in honor of. The stature is of a figure wearing a yellow stripped suit, with painted face and bright red hair, an inscription reads "Ronald McDonald". In ancient America, Ronald McDonald was the god of humor, and worshipers often prayed to him to make their meals happy.

~Jennifer Miller

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