Tuesday, September 3, 2013

dear God,
Can I just rest here a while
do you want me here? I ask
Am I uncomfortable with making change
because it’s not time?
My life is peaceful
has a soft rhythm
a home filled with love
I still look at him after all this time
and wonder how
in the turmoil that was my life then
did I meet him
he is good to me.
My family surrounding
in familiarity
and comfort
staying up late to read oh so good books
night time showers
crawling into bed clean
waking to coffee and cats
work won with well deserved rest
rest won with work
today I have some semblance of peace
because that’s just what that is
it’s today, not yesterday, not tomorrow
today that I have all this
Can I just rest here for a while?
Would that be ok?


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