Monday, February 24, 2014

An End To Providence

I can no longer rely on providence
my old friend
sometimes it gets so hot
under this big sun
that you just have to put on
your bathing suit
plug your nose
and jump in
to cool off
and you swim to
the bottom for a while
in the deep end
like when you were a kid
and just sit there
and it's quiet
just you and the water
and everything looks different
from down there
until you can breath air again
and come up to the surface
cool and refreshed.



Jamie Tomkins said...

Heck no it won't be quiet, I'll be doing a cannonball right next to you!! ha/ha Love it Jen.

Jennifer said...

Ha! Jamie~ I can see it now, that's what friends are for, to make you laugh when you need it!