Monday, October 20, 2014

I’ve been sitting here in the home office
Looking up what happens to pets after they die
After my parents have lost a 2nd dog
In a 2nd week
According to psychics
Dog utopia, it says
And I look over
At my cat
Laying on the window sill with
A back drop of beautiful blue sky
And ever so subtly changing
From green to autumn colors
Leaves gently blowing in the wind.
He is watching them,
My cat, then he looks at me
And says, in his greenest eyes
“of course I know, I know everything,
And. I’m sorry.”
And I wonder what really happens to them,
And to us after we die.
 And as I was looking out
At my cat gazing through
The screen
And we both looked at
The peaceful trees
And I thought of Roy the dog
Who we just lost
Who I was with on his last night
Being sick
Who we all took to the vet in the morning
who looked kind of like a puppy again
the last moment I saw him
on this planet
as they wheeled him into the room

I thought this, in that quiet moment

as I looked at my cat

and the trees and the leaves

blowing gently

against the blue sky:
“Maybe there is a world I left before this one
And the people there miss me
But I just don’t remember
Because I’m not supposed to”


Laura said...

Oh Jenny. This is so beautiful.

Jennifer said...

Thanks mom.