Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas In Progress

Snow falling silently in the dark winters night,
electric candles gracing windows,
flickering light,
old St. Nicklehause passing the lamp post with little care.
To leave oranges and nuts in our shoes left there.
Big picture windows, framing the first snow.
Watching time pass as we grow.

Red rover, red rover, let childhood come over.

Silent snow decorating for Christmas
on a cold winters night,
electric candles in windows with flickering light,
long warm coats to cover dresses and suits,
little hands tearing paper to uncover the loot.
Large colorful bulbs, and huge green and red wreaths.
The click clack of heels on the old wood floor,
the cold smell that rushes in as you open the door.
Mother’s morning of drinking coffee and reading on couches,
as the large picture windows frame the first snow.
Nikelhause’s horse knocks over lampposts,
completing the rounds of oranges and nuts left in shoes.

Jenny Miller

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