Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Little Halloween Before Christmas

I don't know where this came from in me. I was looking at a blog and saw a picture of an antique dresser and into my head it came right through my hands and onto the keyboard. Brruuuhaha!

Surely she is haunted,
just look at her old cracks–
her foreboding presence.
Open her drawers, see what’s inside?
Old spirits. They each have a different smell.
They whisper too, especially when you have lost something
in her labyrinth of compartments.
Have they hidden it, or have you just misplaced it?
They yell. Their ancestors watch on as they have their fun.
Naughty spirits who hang out with dressers, pianos,
couches, cabinets and more.
Furniture that creaks and fizzles,
wafts a cold air and mystery asking,
guess where I have been?
Guess what old ships I have traveled on from Transylvania?
Guess what countesses house I belonged to?
Guess what window I sat by as the leafless tress banged
against the picture window on a shawdowed Autumn night?

Jenny Miller

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