Thursday, May 27, 2010


Spiders at home
no vacuum bag
hurting bones
skin that sags
no jobby job for you
no rest for me
lets run away from home
off to the sea
ahh vacation
is all I ever wanted
vacation have to get away
vacation not meant to be spent
three day weekends
just don’t cut the cheese
give me a month, year
eternity please
oil that needs changing
bills that need to be paid
beds and linens waiting to be layed
no time for painting
unless you want to forgo sleep
finding time in the wee hours of night
for the journal that you keep
maybe I should be a backwards
Jehovahs witness
and celebrate holidays only
and treat every other mundane day
as if it were phony
ah pippi where for art thou
amongst your fun chaos
and impossible dreams
even you find time to clean


1 comment:

Laura said...

Ya, Pippi, this is a good poem. Ya. Cleaning is highly over rated, take it from someone who spent waaaay too much valuable time worrying over it.