Friday, May 7, 2010

sharing, caring & honesty

I’m tired today
and sluggish
I’m struggling with not smoking
I can go all day
but have trouble at night
with smoking a few
I guess it is a quiet steady progress
the flow of change does not always run so smoothly
and sometimes it gets stopped up
and we have to unplug it
I wish I could plug myself into the wall
for some energy
some vitality
some vigor and vivth
the body is such a map
such a captains log
blood tests next week
why am I afraid
just a few days ago
I decided to adopt
a positive attitude about life
things will always go wrong
the power of positive thinking
can be powerful
but like anything
it takes some practice
so I am practicing
I am in my body
in my mind
in my spirit
and I will water the roots
of goodness and hope
love and tolerance
for myself and others
even those on the road
at the store
anyone that is passed by
on the street
is the same as me
we are all human
and all spirits
and reaching for something greater
and all we have is our
to love or not to love
To reach out a hand or pull it away
to be honest and an exhibitionist
with our own truths we are living
because they are all beautiful
and so worth while.


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