Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Perfect Life

My sister once told me, when I was going through a rough time and trying to figure out who I want to be, that I should write down what my perfect day would be like.  I did this and it helped to give me direction and find out some things I really want.  I took this a step further the other day and wrote down what my perfect life would be like.  I found some stuff out about me that I didn’t know.  Like that I wanted to dress nice for work more, my job is in a very casual atmosphere and sometimes I get stuck in the jeans and flip flops mode.  It seems I am forever wearing flip flops.  Here is a list of some other things that would make up a perfect life:

*cooking foods for people I love that I think they will find delicious
*learning to use a telescope and knowing where everything in the galaxy is, and sharing this with people I love, especially with my nieces and nephew
*making more art and having my creations in art shows just for the fun of it
*having more friends that are like minded that I can hang with
*going to have coffee with just myself (dressed very bohemian) bringing journals and books and getting to know who I am out in the world instead of just hiding out at home
*going on more trips with my boyfriend
*having a job where I don’t have to answer the phone and have many different responsibilities to keep me busy and satisfied
*Learning to play the piano, and play it well

While I can’t do all of these things right now, I can do some.  I have started dressing nicer for work a few days this week (with high heels and all) and I feel better for it.  I made my boyfriend dinner last night and insisted that he would like what I was making (he’s very picky) and he ate it all and said he would eat it again. I plan on taking some day trips on the weekends or even overnight trips here and there to start on the travel part.  I know life is never perfect, but maybe I can get as close as possible, little by little.


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Laura Bray said...

What a wise sister you must have. Love to cook, cook to love. You know that's my motto. And I would love to go to a coffee shop with you dressed all artsy and work in our journals for an afternoon.