Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Crossing Over To The Other Shore

I had a dream last night that I was standing on the shore of a murky green pond.  My family was standing on the other side.  There was a chain that went underwater the length of the pond. I was supposed to cross it.  I was nervous enough, but then I learned, not only would I have to enter that murky unknown water and swim across it, I would have to go underwater to the chain the whole way.  This was being done for science’s sake, some sort of important scientific experience that we would have the answer to once I touched the chain, underwater and crossed over to the other side.  I could feel my family urging me on.  I thought about it. If it had been and ocean or clear water, I would have not liked the idea still, but I would have felt better somehow if I could see beneath me.  Then I thought, what if I use scuba equipment, that might make it easier. But in the end I knew, I just had to be brave and do it. It would not be forever, all I had to do was get in the pond, go underwater, touch the chain, and get to the other side. It would only take a little bit of time. Then I woke up.

In Buddhism they talk about crossing over to the other shore.  I have made some very big changes in my life lately, that make my life a kind of experiment. I want to see what will happen, what kind of growth and changes and miracles there will be. I have received numerous signs over the past few months, so many in fact, that it has somewhat become ridiculous to me, but in a good way.  I looked up “pond” and “chains” in an on-line dreamers dictionary. Here is what it said:


“To see a pond in your dream, represents tranquility. You need some more quiet time to yourself. It is a time to reflect on your situation and what is going on in your life. Alternatively, a pond suggests that you keep your feelings contained and in check. You are and emotionally calm.”


“To see chains in your dream, signify your need to break free from a routine, old idea, or a relationship. If you are being chained, then some part of you is being forcefully put in check. You are being held back from what you really want to do.”

Then I looked up the spiritual meaning of crossing over the to the other shore, and this is what I found:

“The religions born in India share a common symbol of salvation as
crossing the waters.  The waters represent the painful existence in the
world, plagued by ills, a continual passing from life to death in samsara.
Tossed about on the turbulent sea, the wayfarer finds rest only on the
other shore, the firm ground of Nirvana.  In the Judeo-Christian
scriptures, crossing the waters is also a symbol of salvation, drawn from
the historical tradition of the Israelites crossing the Red Sea under
divine protection and later crossing the Jordan River to reach the
promised land.” (Quote from Unification.net)

“The rocky stream flows on: hold you all together,
       quit you like heroes, and cross over, my friends!
Leave here all those that are evil-minded,
       let us cross to powers who are undiseased.

Stand erect, and cross you over, my comrades!
       This rocky river flows on before us.
Abandon here all those that are malicious,
       let us cross to powers, benign and pleasant.”

                    Hinduism.  Atharva Veda 12.2.26-27

“Few are there among men who go across to the further shore; the rest of
mankind only run about on the bank.  But those who act rightly according
to the teaching, as has been well taught, will cross over to the other
shore, for the realm of passions is so difficult to cross.”

                       Buddhism.  Dhammapada 85-86

I instinctively know what it is I need lately. I listen to and feel for my heart a lot and just let happen what may happen.  I pray a lot and feel God so much closer, breathing next to me and up in the universe at the same time.  I know I need to spend a little more time alone, finding myself, discovering writing, art, reading, quietness, and meditation that lye within. To feel the love in my heart that I feel go out of me like a solar projection from the sun when I think a loving thought or feel how much I love someone.  God whispers on weekend mornings “Love more”. I say Okay.
That’s pretty easy to do, isn’t it? Just love more? Easy homework, easy living. So wish me luck and say a prayer, as I start my swim to the other side. I will let you know the results of the scientific experiment as soon as I have them.

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Laura said...

Nameste, teacher. Have a good swim.