Monday, November 14, 2011

About 10 Months In

This is a quote from someone on one of the forums I frequent for people who quit drinking~

"the other pivotal event was the realization that even though i wasn't drinking and drugging anymore i was still an addict and would always be dealing with the trauma(sometimes) of not being able to do things in half measures...all or none, like a nerve firing...on the bus or off the bus...which is it...aristotelian moderation is not an option so i better damn well find something acceptable to be addicted to...books...i always liked to read...even in the depths of the addiction there were the last twenty-five years no one has ever walked up to me and shouted " have you been reading again?" or " how many books have you had today?"...

I love it! "how many books have you read today? Are you reading again?" So and so said they saw you walking out of the library! hehe

I've been thinking about starting a blog Chronicling my sober journey~letting cats out of the bag, and sorting through all the big, messy, wonderful shit of it all called life. I think that's my next step.


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