Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Know

I feel the angst
and the worry
in my body
i'm afraid...
it is killing me

it is palpable
it is a ball

then I realize
where it comes from

don't you know
that everything
in the universe
can feel everything else?

when you poke something
on one side of the galaxy
the other side feels it

don't you know
that I know about you
and what's going on
deep down?

When i admit this to myself
the feeling
of shit fades
because I know
my intuition
is right

I know when it has kicked in
and given me the answer

if only there was a way
to stop the signal
the transmission
of the game of doubt
the game of back and forth
you are playing with yourself

I would feel better
but you would never
utter the words

in the end
all things are revealed


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