Friday, May 11, 2012

the thing about being an underdog is
that I get other underdogs
while taking a prayer request
for someone today
who I am normally short on patience with
I found myself having
a profound sense
of compassion for him
and really listened
I mean really listened
to what he was telling me

this poor guy
just wants some clothes
some social security
some help for his health problems
as he’s sitting there in
his mothers house
after eye surgery
about to have another one in
several months
I don’t think this is a guy
that can help himself

he just wants to go
on a vacation somewhere
he just wants a good place
to live

and I said to myself and God
Dear God, give the kid a break
this guy needs a break
a windfall

that’s the thing about kindness
and having some things work out
for you
it makes you want them to work out
for everyone else too.

It makes you able to do something about it.
To feel useful.
There is a trick to this.
There is a definite lesson in this.

We really do get delight,
in giving delight to others.

Perhaps I am beginning
to learn the laws of prosperity?
In all ways. Prosperity is in love
money is energy
that fixes, solves or creates
but that energy is channeled
through God I believe

and maybe someone up there
sometimes on our behalf
says Dear God
give the kid a break


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