Friday, December 28, 2012

Scrambled Eggs

I once read a Buddhist teacher
who said
that we should care for small things
I look at my tiny Christmas ornaments
most from when I was a girl
hung on the tree just so
were not damaged
through my journeys
all still intact
all still so heartwarming
they will be put away with care
I fold my clothes lovingly
I drive my car carefully
I surrounded awe struck
at what I have
is it
a manifestation
of the life I am living
the path I have chosen
is it
some divine intervention
that I should be so fortunate
as to have let the
“precious ring”
slip out of my hands
and into the fire

that I let it go
I am perplexed by it all

the “thing” is still in me
that un-nameable
but now when it tries to speak
I recognize it
I address it
I say
what do you want
why do you want it
we need to figure you out
we need to dig to your roots
so that your foliage
and intact

and I think we all
have umbilical cords
spiritual etheric
umbilical cords
that connect us to one another
that we either send
toxins through
or love and nourishment
we must take care of the
and make sure it grows
each finger
each toe
and especially
the heart


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