Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Jack teaches to choose your words carefully
to pick out each one
beautiful open mind thoughts
catch each one carefully
as they flutter by
like butterflies
only certain ones
go together

and Jack teaches
have only true thoughts
true thoughts
are not judged
they are just thought
and its ok
because you can’t help it

No pretending
while you carefully
wade into the stream of conscious thought
while once thought haphazardly
writting down
from mind to hand to pen to paper
carefully let out
like water through the hose
so you don’t just end up
getting everything all ruined and wet
only water what needs to be said.

Jack teaches this
as in his ma’s house
he carefully mulled over
his words
his stories
his books
so sure that they would be
so sure they were what people needed
and we did need them
so desperately

“Everything is always alright, all the time”

Jack teaches.


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