Tuesday, April 8, 2014

North Carolina

It would storm in the afternoon
in North Carolina
Right after you stood at the end
of the dirt driveway
looking towards the horizon
guessing what color of car
would come over the hill next
testing your psychic powers
like a baby snake
tests its venom
and after
the sunny sky would darken
as you all stood there
in the outside summer sauna
sweat dripping off your bodies
clinging to your shirts
so you would have to change them
to fresh clean dry new ones
crisp ones
only to get drenched again
under the southern sky
in the land of your forefathers
whose shirts got drenched before you
in the fields
in the farmhouses
where there was fresh milk
and breakfasts, and suppers
with whole families after a hard
day of work
only to awaken the next morning and
do it all again

Yes, the sky would darken
and it was welcomed
though the damp and heat would remain
there in the rain
it was a comfort to see the storm move in
the black chasing the blue out of the sky
like a wave

and you would all go inside
and sit together on the davenport
talking, sewing
just being together
until the storm ended
and it was time
for supper.


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