Monday, August 31, 2009


Will she be at every funeral?
Will she be at the wedding?
Will she stand up in protest?
Even the living, breathing dead-
should be left in the grave.
Does she carry your mark?
Can she ever stop haunting us?
And move into the light?
Can she allow the living, to have their time?
Her's has come and gone.
Yet, she will not go.
Just when it seems that she has been exorcised--
Her spirit, her presence returns.
You call her back, you encourage her to stay.
In my heart I ask her to go.
You deny that there is a spirit at all,
I show you the glimpses, I show you
her shadow, it is everywhere.
You do not see, or you see and do not
want to see, because then, you would have to ask her to go.
You deny her to me, but not to yourself.
All the while she will wake me in the night.
She will be there with my unborn children.
I feel she will be there untill you take your last breath.
She will be there and you will give your sorrow to her,
and not me.
She is a ghost......

---Jennifer Miller

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