Monday, August 10, 2009

Gratitude & Prosperity

I woke up in a really negative frame of mind this morning. I'm struggling financially again. I have been trying to practice prosperity thinking and doing little things here and there the past several months to change my inner and outer beliefs about money. I hate feeling like this and have been trying to pull myself out of this negative mood all morning. Finally after praying for a change of mind and to have all the bad feelings and fear scooped out of me, I was led to a website of an author who has been through a near death experience, and talks about gratitude. Here is what I am grateful for:

I have a boyfriend who loves me very much, who stopped by work to cheer me up.

I have a mother and sister who have exposed me to the world of art (I can go home and work in my art journal, or do another collage. Because of them and the classes they have taken me to, I know how to do these things.)

I have a great apartment to live in with everything I need.

I have a car, that runs like a tank and gets me everywhere I need to go.

I have a job and know that another paycheck is on it's way.

I have a TV, with new and exciting channels, thanks to my converter box, it's like having cable. (I know this is dumb, but it's the simple things that count, like a channel with endless cheesy '70s & 80's movies 24 hours a day, it makes me happy)

I am healthy. I don't have any disabilities that make everyday life more challenging.

My life has amazing potential for growth & miracles.

God is here and loves me.

Today it's too hard to try to practice outwardly all the things I've learned about prosperity, but remembering to be grateful inside is a definite survival tactic, and is taking me to the next place. Pippi may have had a suitcase full of gold coins--but she was generous, grateful and even when she ran out and her Papa asked if she needed more--she said no thanks, they only cause problems--he threw her a new case of coins anyways before he left on his ship, but in that interim, I doubt she worried about how she would pay the rent on Villa Villekulla, or feed Old Man and Mr. Nelson, or cater to Tommy and Anikas whims. These things probably never even crossed her mind--cause she doesn't have fear, she doesn't have fear of having or not having anything--It's all the same to her, maybe that's why she's so prosperous.


Laura Bray said...

Very good post indeed. How did you get so smart? I am so proud to be included in your gratitude list.

Laura said...

And I am grateful for you. And so proud to see you here.

reinaswan said...

Pippy always had a good outlook on life.

KARA said...

Thanks for this post, my life is very difficult at the moment, so I am going to write a list of what I am grateful for today to remind myself.
Happy living