Friday, August 7, 2009

So here it is...finally. I've started a blog. A place to express myself artistically and post my writtings and artwork. Things don't get written, life does not get written to just sit on a page, with no one to read it. It wants to be read, out loud or silently. I don't always spell or punctuate the right way. Sometimes I don't like periods where they should be, or to begin a new line where it should be, or have a capitol letter where it should be. See Mr. Kerouac, he will explain everything.

Spilling the donuts

It was summertime
I was young
I picked up donuts
You were next door
at the neighbors
I walked up the side walk to hand you one
and dropped the box
I could see you felt sorry for me
and helped me clean it up
all was not lost
you took one
I don't know if you wanted one
or if you felt bad for me.
I keep dropping donuts
always one short of a dozen
a dozen good intentions
the best of intentions
don't work out
dropping the box
always dropping the box.
I'm still afraid of spilling the donuts.

--Jenny Miller


Laura Bray said...

Yipppeee! Now I want another post.

KARA said...

Wow I love this, makes you think. I am a friend of Laura's its lovely to have you in the blog world.