Friday, July 2, 2010

I knew I shoulden't have weighed myself this morning

I....weigh 160 GLORIOUS pounds
I will shout it from the rooftops
I will dance to its beat
half naked on the beach
with my cellulite falling everywhere
in ALL my glory

I....have a HUGE ass
it is very booty- licious
well, it’s huge anyways
I’m thinking of bedazzling it

I give up
I used to want to weigh 130 pounds
then 140
now 150??
So RIGHT NOW in this moment
160 it is
and I will carry it around like a VAMP
and reserve my right to giggle
and throw my weight around


(this brings to mind the story that while they were growing up, after seeing how much my Aunt weighed on the scale, my father promptly told the mail man)


Laura said...

Thank you Roshi for this enlightened teaching. This is beautiful and you are beautiful.

Laura Bray said...

Ah to be the same weight as my driver's license someday. You are beautiful and don't forget we have VERY heavy bones. Rock solid-maybe even forged from 14 carat gold.