Thursday, July 15, 2010


This time of year is sweltering
but not entirely
there is some comfort
in familiarity
and past memories
of the sun’s debut
upon the stage of the earth
memories of Slip and Slides
the smell of damp towels
after a day in the pool
the peaceful hum
of air conditioners
sitting on patios
with loved ones
in bathing suits
not quite dry
with thunderstorms coming in
and big billowing clouds
offering a momentary reprieve
from the brightness
chlorine rinsing showers
time together indoors
and a feeling that you are surviving
something together
patiently waiting
for pumpkins
and falling leaves
and the rich smoky smell
of fall
as the golden light returns
to welcome more holidays
after long holiday-less months.


1 comment:

Laura said...

This makes me feel much better about the weather. Makes me feel GOOD.