Monday, August 23, 2010

Mr. James

Mr. James, Mr. James
where you get your bottle from
Mr. James, Mr. James
out there
workin’ hard
in the sun
you skin is tan
your mind tired
you still don’t have the answers
ev’en tho you been hired
by the Jehovah’s witness man
who tell you your full o’ the devil
for your beliefs
maybe your soul
is too big for Jesus
and he’s afraid he gonna fall in
or your afraid he gonna swallow you up
and love you forever
Your momma
she’s worried
your sisters and brothers
they're tired
put down that bottle
go on to work
‘for you get fired
and shows up at her door
all nice hard workin’
and tan
give it a spell
to do for yourself
and show her
that man
seems to me, that sometimes
you gots to keep your beliefs
to yourself
and go on about your business
and do
what you gotta do
for you


(This is about a lost soul who continues to call in for help where I work.  Won’t you please say a prayer for “Mr. James” in Chilicothe Ohio tonight?)


Laura Bray said...

I like this one. I'm also glad to know it's not about THE James! Since the only bottle he holds now is a baby bottle! I'll think of James. Maybe we should dedicate Sweet Baby James to him on the radio somewhere tonight.

Laura said...

Rock a bye Sweet Baby James. He's in the light.