Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pippi Brasco

Have you ever noticed,
that good mobsters
do not directly say
what it is they are going to do to someone
they just imply
what it is that could happen
if they should become unhappy
with the service they are receiving
or with the possibility
of disappointment
that could possibly occur
if they should be
say betrayed,
put out
or if a job
does not get done
it’s quite eloquent
if you look at it
for example
“if such and such and such....happens
or if you do such and such and such
We’re going to go for a little ride”
while a less than classy mobster would say
I’m gonna wack you over the head
with a shovel
and bury you in a hole
in the middle of no where
or for example
“I will personally deliver it to you”
can mean, your not gonna like it
what I am bringing to you
it’s not a favor
just sounds like one
where the less classy mobster
would just say
I’m gonna come down there myself
and beat your ass
very interesting


1 comment:

Laura said...

And these cryptic mobsters are every where!