Monday, November 22, 2010

"Jobs for People Who Don't Like People"

This was the title of an article on Yahoo today.
I do not have any of the qualifications for the jobs listed.
Such as computer programmer, accountant etc. However,
I am a writer, and I am an introvert~the article mentions both.
It's nice to know that I'm not a freak though.  This article
brought a lot of comfort.  I don't like to make small talk, usually.
I feel very uncomfortable around groups of people.
It hurts my skin sometimes. Sometimes more than others,
and it becomes unbearable.  And I don't want to pretend
to be a social butterfly, or to posses amazing social graces anymore.
I love my people, that's different.  My people are my family,
my boyfriend/best friend, animals, a couple friends, very few
here and there.  Books, art, music, movies, nature.
The older I get, the more introverted I seem to become.
The less I want to try.  It's nice to know I'm not "alone"
as ironic as that may sound.  That there are others out there
who feel this way too.



Laura said...

Grandpa's big dream was to get away from everyone. Genetic. Filled with gifts and spirit. I like the following posts as well.

Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste Jenny, I feel the same way. I love everyone and everything but that certainly does not mean I care to socialize. My wife and I both feel very alien around people. Very few of the people we meet have any grasp of reality. At best we find it difficult to subject ourselves to banal conversations with people who really don't think.
I don't mean to be crass or self righteous but talking about the silly details from T.V. land and listening to the constant barrage of negativity is trying. If we only knew more people who understand advanced science, spirituality or geopolitics we would probably go out much more.
My wife and I spend hours every day just talking about the magnificence of this matrix, or the dynamics of the GodSelf. If I have a choice to discuss the beauty of quantum physics juxtaposed to a coarse discussion on the merits of (It's funny I don't know what is on T.V. these days ) some reality T.V. show then there really is no choice at all.
Like all energy, and we are energy, we gravitate to like energy, it's not a " bad " thing, it just is.
By being selective with the company we keep we better maintain free flow with the Tao.

In Lak' esh, my dear sister, attracting love flowing with the Tao...

Notes From Pippi said...

Thank you for the comment. It's always nice to find a kindred spirit. I think there are a lot of us in the nooks and crannys of the world who are the quiet thinkers, it's an expression of one aspect of God and it's a beautiful one. Blessings.