Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ode To Spooky

I remember the first day we got you
as we perused the aisles of poor
orphan cats
“All Black Cats $5.00"
your neighbor was feisty and started
climbing up your dad’s shoulder
when he held him
no, not the right one.
Then we came to you
your dad took you out of the cage
and held you with your paws
secured in his hands
you looked so cute
your face so sweet
and just something about you
we put you down in the room
and sat with you to get to know you
At first you were able to control
and a little shy even
but then
you started running
We knew you had a little spark in you
“We should come back,” he said
“We should just do it now,” I said
so we placed our $5.00 bet
and brought you home
on a very special day
my sisters birthday
and the first day of
my new beginning
you melted my heart
you grounded me
you brought peace
and playfulness
and love
I never want you to see me
in a bad way
this I vow
you take my side
you are my comrade
my ally
I love you so.
thank God...
for cats.




Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste my sister, very nice ode. How beautiful it is that all our pets are focused on one thing, sharing unconditional love. Without these constant reminders I wonder how many people would completely loose sight of what love is.

In Lak' ech, purrrrfect love....

Laura said...

I like this.