Monday, May 9, 2011

People stand along Mississippi River

People stand along the Mississippi River as floodwaters slowly rise in Memphis, Tennessee May 7, 2011. Memphis-area residents were warned on Saturday that the Mississippi River was gradually starting to "wrap its arms" around the city and rise to record levels.« Read less

flood waters rise
so beautiful, so beautiful
all the worries of the people
so sad, so sad
mamma’s with their babies
and children
all marched up to the edge
saying that if they had never built
in the first place
they would not be in this predicament
if they would have kept to the old ways
they would have so little to loose
loose or gain
would be the same thing
to all the people
standing there
watching the waters edge
as it gently rolls in
and prayers
are on our lips for them
tonight and always
for them
and all us humans
stranded here
on planet earth.


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