Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thinking back on some things~I realize now~that there is sometimes nothing you can change about some situations.  Things will happen no matter what you do. Sometimes, it doesn't even concern you, when you think it does. And the outcome would have been the same no matter what part you had played. So best to check your reaction, true motives in helping, not helping~is ego involved or love? Busy bodyness? Or really helpful, to yourself and others in hard times? No~I have decided it is best to examine my heart, to look at everything with discernment and much thoughtfulness and guard my reactions to fit what is best for myself, others, and the situation as a whole. God does, as God wants to do, and the reasons are not always clear to us little humans~who think we have all the answers, or can change some impossible, divinely guided appointment or situation. And that's ok with me, it lets us all off the hook a little.  We each have our own path, our own destiny. It's not all about me. Really, its not, thank God.



Christopher Dos Santos said...

Sister Jenny, I love you and wish the very best for you. These thoughts limit the beauty and power that is your GodSelf. .

is ego involved or love?... such a beautiful search. When we choose to filter our life through the lens of GodSelf we empower our reality. This is one of the most profound statements I have seen you write. If we take the time to reflect upon our choices we become better suited to share love.

God does, as God wants to do, and the reasons are not always clear to us little humans~... I respect your views however, I beg you to consider a monist approach. When we accept dualism as a function of our reality we see a creator God separate from self. We find this creator God in book based Western religions like; Judaism, Catholicism, Muslim faith and all their scions.
Eastern religion stands in contrast to the creator God concept by offering a monism, or singularity of being. Their philosophy teaches of a manifest God; whereas God "became" the multi verse, he did not create it.

Having made this subject the cornerstone of my life work for the last 30 years; I feel well suited to match your personality with a religious ethos which would best empower you. It is my experience that you are an analytical thinker who places a high value on reason. You covet intelligence and take pride in your well centered perspective of self. You are a healthy girl in the mind, creative and inquisitive. Christianity can serve many souls, but not yours. Religion in general, east and west, is a deterrent to discovery of truth. I know that you are not religious per se, however the taint of Catholicism is keeping you trapped.

I would be so very pleased my sister to see you develop your spiritual GodSelf. You are the embodiment of God, we all are, everything is. You see that you and I are separated by many miles: this is not true. There is no Jenny from the perspective of a body, this is illusion, the grandest of holograms.

Beyond illusion; Jenny is a signature of light energy. Jenny is an eternal reflection of the God which she has been programed to trust and love. Jenny is the very same God she believes will protect her. Jenny is an eternal God experiencing beingness, expressed as consciousness in the eternal NOW moment.

I hope I have not offended you in any way my sister. It is with love that I desire to see you blossom in truth. You are a fantastic girl, it hurts me to see the false programing of society keep you from exploding into the you that you really are.

In Lak' ech, my sister, truth beyond illusion = love...

Notes From Pippi said...

Dear Christopher,
Thank you for being an honest friend~and teacher. It is difficult for me to get away from the beleifs instilled in me as a child, and as I try to release them but get thoughts in the struggle like " God is different than what I was taught" new thought "but that is blasphamy to think that way" old belief. I would like to beleive we are all God and all ties together, and somewhere I do. But then the old beleifs tell me that that is the ultimate blasphemy to think that we are each God. THis is more of an observation I make of myself rather than accept as truth. You have taught me a lot about love and ego, and it is really helping me on my path. Sometimes the GOd struggle gets pretty rough for me because I want so badly to get it, I really do, I want him or her or it or whatever it can be or is supposed to be or not supposed to be....I want the truth~and I appreciate your help in my attempting to find it.
With sincerety of heart and much love,

Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste dear sister. I understand that your past religious belief structure keeps you from stepping into the power of your true self. This is why I suggested there are other religious doctrines which will serve you better. I too was raised Catholic so I understand your dilemma very well. When we take a close look at other world religions we find that each religion has a faithful flock very deeply entrenched in the dogma of the faith.

I must tell you that there is no one religion which is completely accurate, however I find the beliefs held by the eastern religions to come closest to truth. The main reason why religion does not work is that in each case the sect must establish an ethos which must be subservient to the church or body of religious conviction being expounded. We have a carrot and stick situation, whereas, the faithful will listen to the words of the master in order to attain the carrot. Conversely, all religions have a nasty stick which all faithful are afraid of. Who wants to go to hell or purgatory! Who wants to be re born into the personification of an ass or a swine! The message is always similar in nature, we are the father: you are the child: listen and yield to our advice if you wish a successful afterlife.

Here is the real kicker sister; life on earth is shit for most people. This has nothing to do with religion of course but religion is there to pick up the broken pieces. If you can't find happiness in this life, pray to my God and I will show you a path to all you desire. Heaven is the ultimate lottery!!!

You have been taught to curb your tongue and mind with admonitions of blasphemy. To me the ultimate blasphemy is to create a religion which deliberately separates sisters and brothers from their true identity.

Ponder this: How could a religion teach truth; indicating to the parishioners they are each divine expressions of GodSelf infinite and each eternal in nature. If we were taught that all truth comes from within and not from teachers and masters; then what control could the wanna be teachers and masters exert. Power is a function of knowledge, this is why religions do not teach they preach. Religions do not ask you to inquire; they ask you to believe.

Dearest sister, I know your heart. The words you speak today I uttered when I was 18. The search you cannot help but undertake today was the same road presented to me in my youth. I will be 50 in a couple of months my sister and I can tell you it took almost 25 years to find truth. I wish for you a much shorter journey and am confident 6 months dedication will change your world. Here is what I suggest my sister.

I would like to recommend some books for you to read and videos to watch. You will need a library card which will hook you up with the entire state. If we do it right there should be no cost, any book you can't get I am happy to forward. I suggest the best way to break free of religion is to look at other religions for perspective. We will look at philosophy, world religion, spiritual masters and science.

Christopher Dos Santos said...


Depending on how dedicated you are; it will take anywhere from 6 month to 2 years to get you on the right track.

Please remember I can teach you nothing and you can learn nothing from books. Whatever truth you discover will be from within. Anyone who says they are a teacher or a master is a fool my sister. Instead of thinking about this as learning you need to think of it as a puzzle. When the pieces of the puzzle fit you will know it in your heart, this will cause you to remember truth. In the confines of religious doctrine there is little room for questions; everyone is taught to trust and believe. When we release these blinders we can then start to give shape to our ideas.

Science I believe is an important part of the discovery of true self. The beauty of spiritual truth is that it can be supported by scientific truth. Religion and science have never been good bedfellows, the reason for this is because even the most basic science proves religious doctrine to be false. Science allows us to strengthen our left brain resolve so that our right brain can begin to explore other possibilities.

I have unlimited long distance for North America; as you delve down these seldom traveled corridors we can chat about the books you are reading, the videos you view and philosophy in general.

Think of me as a librarian my sister. Between my wife and I; we must have consumed a thousand books. Our home library is a modest 4 book cases; but it is almost all spiritual based. We love to use the library to open doors, it is far too expensive to buy books. With you tube and the library your world can very quickly change.

I know how the thirst for knowledge pecks at your conscience my sister. I know how frustrating it can be to search for something you cannot even define let alone find. I searched for love for almost 20 years before I discovered that love has no meaning unless it is unconditional. Plainly put; love can only be "real" if we are prepared to love all manifest reality without condition. Unity consciousness is the ground floor to the reality we all wish to discover.

I make no promises my sister, but I will most certainly offer to hold your hand, open your doors and attend your every need. There is no greater cause than to serve in the discovery of truth.

In Lak' ech, sister Jenny, love without condition...