Friday, June 17, 2011

Ode to Gretchen

(not my Gretchen, but a good representation of her)  

 when you don’t feel good
I don’t feel good
and coughing last night
nothing could sooth you
they took you away today
I imagine you
riding sadly
on the tow truck
all alone
breaks my heart
you let me smoke in you
leave trash in you
we have
that kind of relationship
I allow you
to run loud
and take your age
into account
who knows
where you served before me
20 years ago
perhaps royalty?
When your paint was not so faded
and you were shiny brand new
or perhaps across the deserts
of Africa
or somewhere
in the middle east
proudly wearing
your logo
you and I
we don’t go far
you are like an old horse to me
done your duty in this world
and now retired
to a girl
who does not push you too far
and thinks of you
as a person.


1 comment:

Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste my sister, why not think of her as a person? Call me crazy, but I firmly believe the relationship we have with our vehicles plays a large role in their behaviour.

The reasoning goes like this: To a great extent we create our reality from the emotional roots of expectation. This is why people who expect to fail usually do and conversely; successful people all enjoy their success partly as a function of what they expected.

If we truly expect that we have a fine and reliable ride then this is what will likely manifest. If we however live our life in a state of fear that our vehicle will always be unfaithful and costly this is what we will likely create.

It all starts with the vehicle we choose to purchase. If we have faith and confidence in our selection, then a solid, long lasting, loving relationship can be formed. A good and trusting mechanic is of course essential.

I send out my love and best regards for Gretchen, I am sure she will be feeling better soon. Remember my sister, there is nothing in this matrix we call reality that is not GOD, Gretchen is included in this truth.

In Lak' ech, dearest Gretchen, live long and serve my sister Jenny...