Thursday, June 30, 2011

what is love...

When you love somebody
you don’t love their faults too
but there is something there
if it is really love
that makes you feel for them
and their struggles
that replaces anger
with sadness
and compassion
that makes you want
to stay and try to help them
instead of washing your hands
of it all
and running away
I worry for you
I always think about you
I always want you
to be safe
to feel good
and to know you are loved
I want you to explore yourself
and the world
I want you to do all the things
that make you happy
and grow as a spirit
I want to share beautiful things
with you
I want you to feel it’s ok
to be yourself
but like all of us
we could all use
a little adjustment
in how we express
who we are in the world here and there
I want to cry today
for you
cause I just don’t think you get it
or maybe you do and it’s making you
feel really bad
and the later makes me even sadder
my heart
is not wrapped
in bubble wrap
in fact
it has no packaging
or instructions
at all.



Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste sister Jenny; no greater question could be asked. To truly define love one requires decades of inquiry.

In Lak' ech, dwell in truth and prosper in love...

Laura said...