Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Forest Dreaming

Wish I was in Yosemite today
playing Rocky Mountain High
with pancakes and fiddles
and clouds in the sky

wish I had my hiking boots on
and was trudging up some steep trail
keeping on to the top through
wind, sleet or hail

wish I was at that mountain stream
with you
down in the valley below
fixing our fishing lines
watching the wind blow

through tall grasses
and wild flowers
not caring what the world thinks
the waters fresh
tastes forest salty
take a refreshing drink

wish the clouds were rolling in
with us tied up all cozy inside
as cheesy music plays
and daydreams fill our eyes

wish there was a cabin
wish there was a van
wish there was
an old school cannon camera
in my hand

wish there was a Coleman
water jug
filled with iced tea
wish there was spot somewhere today
just for you and me



Laura said...

Wish and dream it. It will come again.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello dear:

I'm on my way---at least in my dreams.