Thursday, July 21, 2011

messages from cats

this morning as he is walking me out to my car to go work:

him: "well I don't think I got that job at ....... = ( "

me: "at least you were one of two choices out of a lot of candidates, I think you're done in the food industry anyways, you should just trust me on this, trust my intuition."

him: "well there are OTHER things I could do in the food sell food to dogs and cats!"

Enter neighborhood cat from around my car at the cue of the words food and cats~begins rubbing against our legs.

me: " I think that's your answer. I think that's God talking to you." and I drive away to go to work, as he pets the cat and makes sure I don't accidentally run it over.



Christopher Dos Santos said...

Sounds purrfect to me sister.

In Lak' ech, kitty ramblings...

Jennifer said...

Gotta love cats