Friday, March 23, 2012


So the below post was very emotional.
I asked for help from on high to a very
wise and spiritual woman
who wrote many Lessons
where I work.  She was a
spiritual teacher. 
When I asked for help from her,
and opened one of the books she
had written,
this is the answer I read and received:

"Never, never, never hate! If you cannot love, try to develop true neutral detachment after sending the person light, for hatred will establish an electromagnetic attraction between yourself and the hated one that must be overcome later on the mental level - a karmic tie."

I can send this person light.  I can try to detach myself from these feelings and situation mentally.  I don't have to spin my wheels trying to love this person. I just have to send them light and try to become neutral. What a great answer.



Laura said...

I think she loves you and is glad you are there.

Jennifer said...

Yeah, I feel her around me when I'm here lately. It helps to remind me what is really important when I am here. Thanks for stopping by. Love you.