Monday, March 12, 2012

Lotus Pose

Decisions are different
as you grow up
growing up
is a term used for
growing inside

the soul
seeps through
the skin
this is good

I had the worst
ideas when I drank
ideas I thought
were great
when I was inebriated
living in my own
little world

Solutions back then
were disastrous
and impulsive

now I wait
and take care
of the small things
that are important
right now

times are hard
very hard
but the realization of that
in and of itself
is a strange comfort
because times
never stay well
or hard forever
good comes back in

me today...
New problems
are not created
by my reactions
or behavior
what is to be dealt
is all that is to be
dealt with
right now
and nothing more


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