Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I couldn’t go on
I see it now
and I stand
in the middle
with feelings
swirling all around me
I find myself here
and then the light dawns
I stand
In the middle
with me
the choices
are mine
and must be about
the path
I have chosen
the path
I consciously
in my spirit choose
do I want to experience this time
whose game
do I want to play
whose life do I want to live
it is not, and never has been
about choosing sides
I have always chosen
everyone else’s but my own
even strangers
I choose my side
this time
but that is
not quite right
the word side
because I don’t even have a side
there is just me
standing here
with liquid light paint brush
waiting to let loose
waiting to swirl
the colors
that only I can mix
to paint this picture
to tell this story
on my piece
of the cosmos


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