Tuesday, July 31, 2012

His shadow beckoned from the hall
Peter stood there
remembering his childhood
dancing around while playing in the yard
not wanting to interrupt the fun
so much so that he risked peeing his pants
rather than interrupt one moment
of the revelry
whatever impossible imaginary game he
was playing that day
to do something as menial
as retire to the
rest room

He could fly during those days
his shadow came to save him
from walking everywhere

Fly, Peter
don’t you remember you can fly?

Out the window
through the joys of childhood
where we battle evil Pirates
with our wit

flying in nightgowns
over seas filled with mermaids

the shadow does not have to be

think of when you were little
did you want to consume anything
other than sugar?
Did you want to take any magic potion
to make you forget?

Of course not
You just wanted to have fun
and it was safe

and that part of you is safe now
the shadow is the child
beckoning you from
across the hall
of years gone by


1 comment:

Laura said...

And such a sweet child it was.